New App: Design Duet Released for iPhone

Design Duet for iPhone

We are proud to announce that Design Duet for iPhone has been released in the App Store.  Design Duet is for Photoshop designers that want a second screen to view their artwork.  Design Duet also allows you to save and share your flattened image directly on your iPhone via text, email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more. You can also save it directly to your camera roll without having to save in Photoshop and transfer to your phone.


Design Duet Screenshots:

About Design Duet

  • Automatically detects Photoshop instances running on your WiFi Network (no need to enter your IP address).
  • Preview your Launch Images, App Store screenshots, App prototypes, and Mobile Photoshop designs easily on your device without having to export and transfer.
  • Save preview image to your Camera Roll.
  • Contains Photoshop document presets for creating designs for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/S resolutions, as well as iPad.
  • Works over your local WiFi connection.
  • PNG and JPEG preview modes.
  • Remembers your Photoshop Remote Connection password for future use.
  • Share your design on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email and more…